She put a smile on me

A day could be filled with so many feelings. A picture could mean thousand words. A smile can produce thousand lies.

And people wouldn't know until we tell them the truth.

Of course I've put a fake smile before. And of course, people say we should be happy and blah blah blah. I want my old smile back where it remind me of so many memories and happiness I had. I'm done with everything. Now I need the happiness. Back to the old me, back to the princess world we called 'happily ever after'. Fairytale always end with a happy ending. The truth is, life ain't a fairytale. We only hoped for it to be.

Hopes and dreams.

Yes, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere but I found my way out. Now I'm lost in the world of happiness.

Sometimes, I wonder why do we still live when we're not actually happy with what we're doing, living everything?  I still haven't figure out the answer yet.

Remember to smile. It's the best make-up a girl ever wears. Be beautiful with only a smile.


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