Shot me out of the skyyy.

God, why I can't stop loving him? :{

Dear heart,
I feel like crap now~He likes someone else. :{ That girl is so lucky. I wish I can be her. Pssh, of course she's prettier. DUH.


Here's the story: Today's trip was so boring. Jyeah, I really do have fun in the bus, but not at the places. It's such a boring place :(

  • Yakult Factory: The tour guard, he speaks so slow and I can't even understand a single word that comes out of his mouth. It was such a boring place. But at least we got one free Yakult bottle :D I love Yakult (y)
  • Ostrich Farm: The place smells like poop. But of course la it smells like poops cause the ostrich just poop wherever they want. Seriously, when I go in that place, I suddenly caught a headache and I feel like vomitting.
For the first time, I didn't buy any souvenirs from the palces :D I don't want to waste my money for an unnecessary things XP I'm a good girl, aite? 

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