Best friends ♥

They were there when I need them, they were the one who helped me through good and bad times, they were the one who gave me the support I needed, they are one of the reason why I'm smiling today. When they are happy I'll try to put my biggest smile :) I love them, in smartness we're the same. I will never take them for granted after that we've been through. Our friendship will never be forgotten, but will and forever be cherish. I love them like my own sisters, I appreciate them so much.  No one can replace them no matter what happens, they are one in a million and they are the finest girls that I ever seen in my life. They bring joy to the world, and I will never let anyone hurt them. Because of them, I learned how to smile, how to trust people, how to fight, pick the right decision and other incredible things. If they are reading this I would like to say thank you for everything! I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings or anything, I'm deeply sorry. Even if we are miles apart but friendship will always be in my heart  I love you guys :)  All of you! :)

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