Poetry of my life

We, human being lived on earth
Since our late late late x10000 great grandfather Adam
The first to be on Earth with Eve (Hawa)
The earth is a planet, the most powerful place to be
But can also be a cruel place for human who disobeyed 'Him'
The mighty of all will test all of us, he knows our capability from A-Z.

From looks to feelings to fortune to love ones
'He' can take away anything 'He' wants
We can only pray and live a life full of tests
Start building a wall to cover the pain of chest.

Since I was a kid, I've started building my own wall
It is now big and long like a track of train
Still I wonder why, even though it's big enough to stand strong
But every time it got hit, I still can feel the pain.

Feels like a thousand pin going through my heart
Stopping a clear shiny pearl from falling to the ground
Pull myself together and stay strong
Think positive is another way to help
People say what goes around, comes around.

Here's a little of my advice
Sometimes we must expect the unexpected
And accept the fact like rolling the dice
Don't depend on to the people around you
They wouldn't say long and forever
We must hang on to ourself, be nice to others
My mum always say the bad is the one that we need to forget 
The good is the one that we need to remember.

We can smile with a broken heart
But there's always a time we just have to let it out
To let you know that you still have feelings
People may not see and feel what you're dealing
That someone who can is hard to find
There are only one in a million like dime.

Every second that passed is now a history
Writing this piece of art is making me hungry
I now leave it all to you
Good luck and all the best
Thanks for the memories that you gave me my friends
I thank all of you for reading this poetry
Behind this Great Wall of China also have it's story :)
And so do I :')

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