Make a change.

A girl named Marsya Elina was born on the 2nd of June 1999.
She's thirteen.
She's one person out of billions.
Out of billions, what change can a naive 13-year-old girl like her do to change the world?
What difference can she make in people's lives?
Every person born into this world matters.
How does this one girl matter to this world?
Heck, how does this one girl matter to ANY world?
It seems impossible that someone like Marsya can make a change.
How can she anyway?

It doesn't matter how. It doesn't matter whether she can or not.
What matters is that she tries, and that she's aware that she's supposed to.She grew up trying to make her dreams parallel and realistic with her abilities and the environment around her. That kinda made her limit her dreams. But what if. WHAT IF big dreams aren't actually impossible to achieve? Most magnificent things in people's live happened because they believed in themselves. Things that have been thought to be impossible have been proven otherwise. That's the change that those kinds of people have made. They made the world better, contributed to the community, changed lives and inspired people. They had determination and guts. "Quitting" never existed in their vocabulary. "Giving up" was a foreign word to them. Positive thinking and hope were their best friends. Getting back up after life pushed them to their knees was like second nature to them. The perfect example of someone who has achieved something that seemed impossible but had succeeded; the Prophet (peace be upon him). One man out of BILLIONS had changed the world. His influence lasted for many, many years, and will last till the end of time. He has taught and inspired millions, possibly even billions, dead or alive. His teachings and inspirations are what influenced many other people to continue to make the world a better place for us all. He's my teacher and my inspiration.

I CAN make a difference. It doesn't have to be huge, it just has to be a good change. How I will make that change is something I've never really told anyone. Maybe when I've succeeded, you'll realize what my super-awesome-secret-plan is. But my point today is, from now on I will believe that my dreams can and will come true, if Allah wills it. InsyaAllah, I hope Allah approves of my intentions and will give me the strength and guidance to achieve it.
That's right people. The person you least expect could make a change beyond your expectations, even if they're the least likely of people who seems to be able to.
Don't underestimate those with dreams of making a change. I have friends who believe with all their heart that they'll make a difference and change in this world. I believe with all my heart that they can and will.

Remember, 'impossible' is 'I'm' and 'possible' combined. Together, it makes "I'm possible'.
I'm possible.

What change will YOU make?
Cause I look forward to seeing you achieve it =)
Peace be upon you.


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