It's not real.

"So it's you again."

This time, I can memorize the pattern, the things you do when your calling me. I don't have to turn my head or cry anymore.

"Why are you following me", I ask, and you never answer.

"What do you want with me?" again, only silence greets me.

This winter has been cold and ugly because of you. And now it's leaving, but you are not.

I am not afraid.

I think the mind can deceive the eyes, but can it lie to the heart?
Every time you come I try to look away, my mind says I can do this, I can stay.

Lies. I have told so many lies.
And no one hears it, no one but me.

You come closer...and I freeze.

"Your too big to be a dog", I try to reason, to clear my head "then what are you?"

"Whatever you want me to be."

And that's what scares me. It scares me that your everything fulfilling my every heed
Being everything I think I have to have
Until I can't think anymore
Your changing
I'm changing

"Why are you here?" I ask, aloud, barely a whisper,
I think no one can hear me.

You don't answer,
but I already know

I already know.

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