I open the skies

I open the skies...

I have heard time describing what I want to say with words. I'm not even good with focusing on what I want to say, expressing myself is an endless frustration; to me, words are not enough to show to the world what I feel...my thought are not formed in a sentence...I feel them. See them. And I understand them.

Adding to the problem...I lack an interest in writing...no, especially typing. I appreciate what the cyber era has given me, seriously I do. Its just that typing bored me. With the limited action and prolonged hours needed to conduct this simple yet needy action. And its such tedious work. Man could have at least invented a device where I could watch mini teli while typing. haha.

And for some weird reason, I seem to enjoy using words that makes me want to stop typing in the first place.

Oh romeo...why me? =D

Thou shan't tell me this wont be forever,
Then how shall I succeed this life without thee,
In light, there are no stars to watch,
Is this courage in the breath you gave me?
To give in or be subdue,
What does it mean to have all but one?
I am yours forever,
And let the sky alone be my witness...
Let it all but the sky be done

Written by a very peculiar girl in the morning - I know most of you can't believe it!
Enjoy my blog ;)

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