The ups and the downs in life.

The road to success has it's ups and downs. Like literally, when you're on the top of the bumpy road, it all seems easy to keep going. You just follow gravity. You can even run if you want to. Feel the wind, pushing you from behind. You feel so relieved, until you reach the bottom. Great, now you have to climb up the bumpy road. Defy gravity, and use all your will and energy to reach the top again. It's hard. Sometimes it's frustrating, cause you're so tired of going up and down and sometimes you just wanna sit down and rest for a while. But eventually, you'll have to keep going, or you'll die of starvation  and dehydration. At this point, having faith and being positive would be real helpful. The end of the road will lead you to a place full of unimaginable mouth-watering things you wouldn't even want to rest for, if you knew how beautiful the place really is. If we all knew, we'd probably even crawl up the road if we have to. Unfortunately, not all of us will make it there. Not with us always procrastinating in going through the steep part of the road. Not with us being distracted with things that are trying to stop us from reaching the other side. Not with us expecting to grow wings and take the easy way out. Life's not a bed of roses. You don't necessarily need to have physical strength to make it across. A strong, tough guy might just faint when they see a snake slithering on the road. Mental strength is important too. Positivity works far better than you know.

When life throws you stone or rocks or food or whatever and staying strong seems like the hardest thing ever, remember that it's a bigger chance for you to succeed. In a religious point of view, more challenges would mean more chances to get rewards, because Allah's testing our patience and how we deal with a problem, also to see if we'll go back to Him for help. So hey, doesn't that mean He loves you? He's giving you so many opportunities to prove yourself to Him, so many chances to prove that you DESERVE to be back home in Heaven.
In a general point of view, the challenges in life should be a motivation. If people are bringing you down, it's your chance to prove them that you're not just a piece of nothing in their life. Make your mark by proving them wrong, and making them wish they had never underestimated you. Even when you TRY, that's already a sign of proving them wrong.

Okay, maybe this is just a typical post that you've read everywhere all the time. But it's come to my attention that whenever some people are facing stressful and frustrating problems, they don't really know how to deal with it the proper way, till they do things that hurts them more. In example, shutting out from the world by not talking to ANYONE, self-harming by cutting themselves, eating excessively too much until they get sick, starving themselves, hurting other people with their words and stuff like that doesn't actually help them solve the problems that they're facing. I understand that sometimes, all you want to do is just escape from the pain. I know, I always feel that way deep inside. But the way we choose to escape really does matter.
So here are some suggestions, and I guarantee you WILL feel better =)

  1. Take wudhu'.
  2. Read Quran. Feed your soul, plus you get rewards.
  3. Pray and zikir, ask for strength and patience from Allah.
  4. Remember Rasullah SAW, how he misses his ummah, how he misses YOU, how he cried almost every night remembering his ummah. How you're hoping to meet him soon, insyaAllah.
  5. Talk to someone you trust. There HAS to be someone. If not, then talk to meee! :D
  6. Write about it in your journal, or blog or something, but keep it to yourself. This will help you have a larger view of your problems, instead of keeping it all in your head and thinking too much.
  7. Listen to POSITIVE songs. There are plenty, go on and explore.
  8. Sing your heart out with the positive songs. Like really, SING YOUR HEART OUT, even if you have the suckiest voice in the world.
  9. Watch movies or shows that makes you laugh and smile. 
  10. Hang out and chill with your friends and family. Go do something fun together.
  11. Cry your heart out. It's okay to cry. It's a sign that you have feelings that are fragile. Let all of your sadness out. After your cry, go do the things above.
Then go and prove to the world that you're strong. Even after having a breakdown, you still have the will to keep going.


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